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Reproductive Rights

Reproductive rights are under attack across the country, and Jaime Foster is ready to stand for bodily autonomy. Jaime will fight to protect a woman's right to choose, and always keep women's health decisions between a patient and her doctor.

Protecting our Children

Jaime fought for our kids by fully funding school health centers, providing grants to schools for counselors & psychologists, and initiating a state tax credit to help address rising childcare costs. She also secured $9 million in state funds for the Windermere Elementary School renovation.


Jaime Foster helped pass the largest tax cut in state history, putting more than $650 million back in taxpayer hands. She also expanded the successful Manufacturing Jobs Pipeline and created the JobsCT program to fill the good, high-paying jobs critical to our state's economy.


In just her first term, Jaime brought home more than $11 million in state funding for district amenities like parks and an additional $100 million for crumbling foundations and made well water safer. She also promoted commercial solar energy installation to create new, green jobs and help lower energy costs.

Supporting Those Who Serve

Jaime supported grants for critical law enforcement resources, created a property tax exemption & guaranteed lower in-state tuition for veterans, and enacted protections for firefighters against known cancer risks. Jaime will always support those who have sacrificed for our communities.

Fighting for Seniors

As a new voice in Hartford, Jaime Foster was a fierce advocate for our senior citizens. She funded programs to prevent elder abuse & protect seniors from scams, brought back state funding for an outdoor senior fitness area, and exempted pensions and annuities from income taxes. 

State Funding

Jaime brought home a record-setting $11.8 million in state funding for our communities, including $9 million for the Windermere School Renovation, $2 million for town parks, and hundreds of thousands for town projects.

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